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We believe in the power of people, and specifically the power of Spring Grove Friends and Alumni, which is why we created this website. By creating a space where alumnus and friends can meet, chat, network, and build relationships, we believe this will be a great place to make Spring Grove schools better than ever.

Consider making regular donations to any of these Spring Grove School booster clubs or to the school itself.

Northside of 1899 school, where the cafeteria is now



Donate to the Athletic Boosters.

Your money will go towards new team equipment, scoreboards, nourishment for teams on some of their long bus rides, etc.

Contact them for more information.

1915 or 1916 Band

image00057 (1).jpg


Donate to the Music Boosters and your money will go towards new music, musical instruments, updating music equpment, etc.

Contact them for more information.

Possibly the Class of 1916



Scholar Dollars (formerly Dollars for Scholars) has raised money and given thousands of dollars away in scholarships to seniors as they go onto pursue further education after graduating from Spring Grove.

Contact Scholar Dollars for more information

School built in 1899. An addition was added in 1922

image00007 (1).jpg


There always seems to be a major project going on at school to keep our school up-to-date and having the best technology and equipment to make learning the best it can be. If you would like to make a donation to the General Fund or ear-tag to the front burner project this year, click here to contact our current superintendent.

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